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Quality Mulch & Recycled Products

  • We deliver mulch.

  • Residential/Commercial Landscape Supplies

  • On-site crushing and demolition

  • We sell Shale/certified clean fill

  • We accept wood, brick, block, concrete, asphalt.

  • Professional and Courteous Staff


GreenRock Recycling and Shale Pit is an exciting new business which complements the existing Brian Plushanski Construction Company. Brian started his excavating business over 35 years ago. After decades, the construction business became pro-active and environmentally sensitive. To be more “green” and cost-efficient, BPCC began crushing rock and concrete on-site and re-using the crushed material. BPCC then purchased an old shale pit, which would become the new location of GreenRock Recycling.

Brian Plushanski Construction Company and GreenRock Recycling are both full-service family owned and operated businesses. BPCC has been serving commercial and residential clients for more than 35 years. GreenRock Recycling is built upon the same commitment to customer service and satisfaction.


GreenRock Mulch is a major part of GreenRock Recycling. GreenRock only uses wood from trees to produce our mulch. No pallets or other wood by-products are used at GreenRock.

Currently we sell Black and Brown Dyed Mulch along with Double and Triple Ground Root Mulch. We use powdered dye to color our mulch which stands the test of time and will last longer than the typical liquid dyed products. We sell by the cubic yard and can load any size truck.

Delivery is available to local customers for a minimal charge. Stop in to see our Mulch Display and we could possibly follow you home with a load or call us for a quick delivery. We accept checks, Visa and Master Cards.


Brian Plushanski Construction Company is a full-service firm providing complete project solutions, including site work, excavation, recycling with on-site crushing, demolition, pipe work, and septic work. Servicing clients from large commercial developer to single-family homeowners, no project is too large or too small.

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